Asbestos Removal

Harcourt Insulation Ltd was one of the first companies in New Zealand to carry out asbestos removal.  When the current owners took over the business in 2006 (renaming it Harcourt Insulation 2006 Ltd) they carried on with this service.

The company has continued to explore modern international methods and equipment for resolving asbestos in the home and the workplace.

We feel well equipped to assist you with any problem that you may be encountering with asbestos. If you are unable to phone us you may wish to email with your enquiry (sending of pictures can make it easier to visualise the issues).  We keep our email closely monitored, for this reason, we can assure you of a prompt reply.

All our staff are Site Safe accredited and have undertaken relevant industry training in heights, safety and first aid.

Our senior staff held a Certificate of Competency under the old regulations and this was changed to a new system by Worksafe which we have also been approved under. All staff now require Class A (for all work) and Class B (non-friable) qualifications via NZQA and then individual approval by Worksafe. We currently have 11 Worksafe approved Class A holders and several more Class B. We also have the required certified management system that came into place April 2018.


Asbestos Removal Gallery

We are licensed with Worksafe under the latest regulations to perform all types of asbestos removal. Both Class A and Class B and we have the experience to handle everything from small to major projects.

Installation of other insulants can even be arranged if required.

Our company has carried out this work throughout NZ for almost 40 years now. We have been involved with work for power stations, multi-rise buildings, universities, airports, domestic homes, and even the New Zealand and American Antarctic teams as well as other International projects.

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