Bulk Samples & Surveys

Since 2010 Canterbury Earthquakes we have tested or removed asbestos from over 8000 properties. Our testing staff are fully qualified having undertaken all NZQA asbestos courses including Class A, B, Supervisor and Assessor level. They also have International training in “BOHS IP402 Asbestos Surveying In Buildings”.

Where you have a specific location or product you wish tested we can collect this from your home or workplace and have a result usually within 24 hours.

Asbestos is diagnosed by scientific analysis in a laboratory. There are charges associated with this testing, on a per sample taken basis. We will call to the site of the asbestos, at a time to suit you, to secure the sample/s. These are then forward onto the laboratory on your behalf.

Where you wish a property to be scoped for asbestos we can undertake this for you (or you may be referred to a 3rd party company in some cases to avoid any later conflict of interest).

We recommend that in all cases of asbestos testing and scoping you ensure measurements are taken as this avoids multiple visits. We scope all sites we test or survey as normal practice.




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